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Academic Phrasebook

Academic Phrasebook

Introducing the topic

This research illustrates how __________ can be leveraged to spur __________.
We examine whether __________fall following __________.
We study __________ to recognize __________ through __________.
This research examines the effects of __________on __________.
We study a __________ between __________, __________ in the presence of __________.
In this paper, we study __________ and contrast these to __________.
The success of __________ often depends on the ability to scale __________.
To constrain the use of __________, many U.S. state governments adopted __________. __________reduce __________ from creating __________.
In the presence of __________,arbitrageurs may engage in different strategies leading to __________.

Stating the research gap

Specifically, this research introduces a previously overlooked yet practically relevant dimension on which __________ differ: __________.
The lack of __________ has been at the heart of a number of on-going accounting debates.
Existing studies have focused on a variety of approaches that __________ may use to scale but have not systematically considered that __________.

Stating the methodology

Seven experiments, two of which were conducted in the field, support this hypothesis and illustrate conditions under which the effect __________.
We depart from signaling theory and derive our hypotheses on the effects of __________. To test them, we implement a quasi experiment in the context of the __________.
Across six studies, using both observational analyses of __________ and experimental manipulations of __________, the auhors show that __________increase __________, which improves __________.
Using a sample of __________, we examine the effect of __________ on __________.

Reporting the findings

This research demonstrates that __________ can be more effective than __________.In particular, __________ are more likely than __________.
Using __________, we find that __________negatively affects __________.
Overall, our findings are consistend with __________negatively affecting __________.
We report three findings First, __________.Second, __________.Finally, __________.
We find that __________ when compared with __________, and they often __________.
First, __________.Second, __________.Third, __________.
We find that __________. We also find that __________.

Stating the implications

On the whole, this work offers insights into __________, and it reveals __________.
We contribute to __________ by __________.Additionally, our findings have theoretical implications for understanding __________.
The results provide novel implications regarding __________. These include, among others, that __________.Additionally, __________.
Overall, our findings suggest that __________.
Our findings show that __________ by __________.

Opening the thesis

A key challenge for firms in charge of __________ is __________. As noted by __________, __________ can __________.
There is a growing prevalance of __________ that act as __________. The success of __________ is often shaped by __________.
One of the most important and underestimated aspects of __________ is its __________. In most instances, __________.
__________ is arguably the most influential means of persuasion and is one of the main predictiors of __________. Studies by __________find __________, and other reports suggest that __________. Indeed, __________consumer spending per year (Analytic Partners 2014), __________.
Firms are not requried to disclose __________. In __________, the __________ determines the primary qualities of __________ and requires that the __________.
The past three decades have witnessed significant increases in __________. As one of the most important __________,U.S. firms __________to shift __________.
Private firms that wish to __________ often face uncertainty __________. This is particularly salient for firms in new industries for which __________.

Outlining key terms, concepts and theories

__________ are __________.
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