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Thesis Playbook

Our Thesis Playbook is a step by step guide for your thesis. It contains useful tips, resources and examples for every small and large milestone of your thesis journey.

Thesis Playbook

Phase 1: Planning

Phase 2: Theory & Literature

Phase 3: Empirical Research

Phase 4: Writing & Finishing


9. Write and submit your research proposal

Convince your supervisor to accept your topic by providing a state-of-the-art research proposal.

Write and submit your research proposal

1Understand the structure of a good research proposal

2Write your proposal

2.1 State the research problem

2.2 Describe the "state of the art" of research in your field

2.3 Identify the research gap and research motivation

2.4 State your research question

2.5 Describe your methodology

2.6 Discuss possible contributions and limitations

2.7 Attach a bibliography

3Submit your proposal